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Rehabilitation in Phoenix

The chiropractors here at Kai Health & Wellness have National Board Certifications in Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures with years of experience in applying their knowledge to promote improved health and restore optimal body mechanics. Our patients are led down the road to physical restoration after acute injuries or years of chronic degeneration to enable them to participate in lifes activities and challenges with vigor and enjoyment.

Rehabilitation may include passive therapies for pain reduction and healing such as electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrsound, cold laser or light therapy, trigger point release, myofascial release, or passive stretching. Active therapies to help restore normal or ideal muscle and joint movement patters may include; spinal streching on a vibrating plate, wobble chair exercises, neuromuscular or posture corrective exercises, active muscle(myofascial) release, Synergy elastic band exercise, core strengthening, Pettibon posture corrective procedures, and more.

Our providers and staff join efforts with our patients to make a great team . Patients are instructed and encouraged to perform home exercises and create new habits to synergestically achieve their health goals. "Kai" means to restore or renew and that is what we strive to accomplish with each individual patient that joins our Kai family.