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Manipulation Under Anesthesia in Phoenix

MUA is a non-invasive procedure used to restore range of motion and relieve acute and chronic shoulder, hip, knee, back, and/or neck pain when other treatment options have not provided the desired outcome. The patient is mildly sedated under the care of a licensed medical provider at a certified surgical center.

While under mild sedation, our trained providers, Dr. Henthorn and Dr. Poole, are able to perform muscle stripping, joint mobilization, and deep tissue pressure at a much deeper level than could be accomplished without sedation. A combination of short lever manipulations, passive stretches, and muscle, joint, tendon movements are used to break up fibrous adhesions and scar tissue around joints and muscles. Scar tissue and fibrous adhesions can reduce joint motion and cause pain.

What kind of results can be expected from Manipulation Under Anesthesia?

Most patients experience dramatic improvement in their range of motion and a reduction in pain shortly after MUA. Following the procedure, patients must undertake rehabilitation for 2-4 weeks under our providers guidance to prevent the re-formation of adhesions and ensure long-term relief. For more than 60 years MUA has provided life-changing pain relief for numerous amounts of patients. The procedure boasts a success rate of 80-90%, according to the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.